Established in 1980

Sin Hong Hardware Pte Ltd has expanded rapidly to become one of the largest stockists and distributors of a wide range of industrial fasteners, and a specialist in Standard, Non-standard and Customised Fasteners.

We started as a local fastener retailer that has steadily grown to our present covering multi business segments. Our 3 SBU include domestic retailing, OEM supplies services and exporting overseas. We strive to be the largest total integrated "One-Stop" fasteners solution provider and supplier in the region. Our export market covers the S.E.Asia and the rest of the world spanning from South America in the West to Fiji in the East.

We cater to customers with special parts or custom-made parts for assembly requirement in various manufacturing industries. We also provide special services such as Ship-To-Stock program according to production delivery requirements by implementing Just in Time, Two Bins System, Kanban System and other logistic replenishment systems suited to our customers requirement.

Sin Hong Hardware Pte Ltd is committed to work toward full comprehensive range in stock items and be recognised as a preferred supplier in the region.